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Personnel functions moved to CAHNRS Finance & Admin

The personnel functions handled by Ops Admin are now under CAHNRS Finance & Admin.

Online personnel processing request submission webpage:

Administrative Operations


Administrative Operations provides  guidance, college-level review, training and support for the CAHNRS Business Center, department administrative managers and Extension program administrative managers.


Administrative Operations Resources


Go to the File Share to access the following:

  • Administrator Signatures
  • Comp Time Liquidation Exception Request Template
  • Funding Update-Renewal Form
  • CAHNRS Online Directory Instructions
  • Home and Appointing Department Definitions
  • Guidelines for Temporary Faculty and Research Titles
  • Home and Appointing Department Definitions
  • Adding a Person to the CAHNRS-Extension Online Directory
  • Editing a Person in the CAHNRS-Extension Online Directory
  • Instructions for Creating a Time Report
  • Instructions for Updating Workplace
  • Public Affiliate Form – CAHNRS Extension
  • Public Affiliate Form – CAHNRS
  • Time Report Template

Online Leave Report System

Go to the CAHNRS Online Leave Reporting System

Go to the File Share to find:

  • FTE Change in the Middle of the Month Spreadsheet
  • How to Create One File of an Employee’s Leave Reports
  • How to Enter an Employee
  • How to Inactivate an Employee
  • How to Process an FTE Change in the Middle of the Month
  • How to ReActivate an Employee After a Break in Service
  • How to Update an Employee
  • How to Update an Employee Supervisor

Cougar Manager

For assistance with Cougar Manager please contact Kat Odell at