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Employment Process


The Employment Process team (EPO) establishes CAHNRS pay and position processes in consultation with central WSU Payroll and Position Control Offices and the CAHNRS Dean’s Office.  In collaboration with other CAHNRS administrative units, EPO provides guidance, college-level review, training and support for the CAHNRS Business Center, department administrative managers and Extension program administrative managers relating to college pay and position standards.

Each Employment Process Specialist advises and reviews the pay and position actions of a portion of CAHNRS departments. Specialists and department lists are:

Alex Blanc, SpecialistAndrea Johnson, Specialist
List of Assigned DepartmentsList of Assigned Departments
• 509-335-2993• 509-335-9441


Employment Process Resources

Contact Us

Vacant, EPO Manager
509-335-3460; Email

Alex Blanc, Specialist

Andrea Johnson, Specialist

Position Actions

Go to the File Share to access CAHNRS and Extension Justification Templates for:

  • Direct Appointment
  • Out of Cycle Salary Retention Increase
  • Hire Above Approved Salary
  • Hire Above Step A
  • MORE…

Employee Letter Templates

Go to the File Share to access the following:

  • CAHNRS Letter Templates
  • Extension Letter Templates
  • Letter Attachments
  • Change Memo Templates
  • MORE…

Online Leave Report System

Go to the CAHNRS Online Leave Reporting System

Go to the File Share to find:

  • FTE Change in the Middle of the Month Spreadsheet
  • How to Create One File of an Employee’s Leave Reports
  • How to Enter an Employee
  • How to Inactivate an Employee
  • How to Process an FTE Change in the Middle of the Month
  • MORE…



Go to the File Share to access:

  • AIS Upload and Download Instructions
  • Reporting Partial Hours
  • Communications
  • MORE…


Go to the File Share to access the following:

  • Administrator Signatures
  • Comp Time Liquidation Exception Request Template
  • Funding Update-Renewal Form
  • CAHNRS Online Directory Instructions
  • Home and Appointing Department Definitions
  • Guidelines for Temporary Faculty and Research Titles
  • MORE…