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About Safety Training


WSU requires that supervisors provide safety training for their employees, beginning with the Safety Orientation Checklist. Also required are several basic safety training topics that CAHNRS Operations has worked with WSU Environmental Health and Safety to provide in the form of online training. Please assign your employees to review the appropriate online trainings and encourage them to ask questions.

To assist with WSU safety training documentation requirements, supervisors will be emailed once an employee completes each online training. This email can be printed and included in the employee’s departmental file. For non-online or non-CAHNRS training, please be aware that the supervisor is responsible for documenting their employee’s safety training.

Contact Dixie Kearney, Operations Coordinator, at with questions about CAHNRS online training.

CAHNRS Employee Safety Training

TrainingRequired For
Safety Orientation Checklist
Supervisors must review this checklist with their new employee on the first day of work and as new duties are learned
All Employees
CAHNRS Workplace Safety Overview
Online training (15 minutes)
All Employees
Fire Extinguisher Basics
Online training (5 minutes)
All Employees
General Asbestos Awareness
EHS Online Training
All Employees
Shop and Agricultural Safety Overview
Online training (35 minutes)
All CAHNRS employees and supervisors working in in shops and/or performing agricultural work
Heat Stress Prevention (13 minutes)All employees working outside for more than 15 minutes in any hour when temperatures
Risk Management Safe Driver Training

Any CAHNRS employee that will drive a state or personally owned vehicle for the purpose of conducting WSU business.

Training Resources

WSU Environmental Health & Safety Training

EHS conducts in-person and hosts training information on their website on a variety of topics.

WSU Bio-Safety Information & Training

When conducting research with potentially biohazardous materials, safety is paramount. Visit the WSU Bio-Safety website for information, contacts and training.

Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industry Training

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has a number of useful training resources available.