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Facilities Maintenance

CAHNRS Operations is your liaison to WSU Facilities Services

Please contact us if you need additional assistance

Immediate Building Issues

For the Pullman campus, please call 1-509-335-9000 in the event of a facility flood, power loss, hazardous campus conditions such as ice on a walkway, elevator malfunctioning, service interruption, or other building failures. 

Scheduled Maintenance and Work

myFacilities is a university-wide system that serves as a central location for requesting and tracking services from multiple facility providers. Users can look up building coordinators, review facility details in space management, sign up for event notifications or submit work requests for maintenance, custodial, construction, surplus, waste management, grounds, and heavy equipment. 

Use the myFacilities Portal

Self-Performed Work

WSU cannot allow building occupants to self-perform work. 

Self-performed work restrictions are based on occupant safety, state laws, WSU Executive Policy, BPPMS, and SPPMS. Common items occupants often request to do themselves may include: painting, installation of flooring, adding window air conditioning, running network cabling, modifications to electrical, ventilation, and water connections, and/or installations that require fastening to walls or floors.  Contractors, other than those hired by WSU Facilities Services, are not permitted to work on WSU facilities without specific exemptions made by WSU Facilities Services. 

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In search of/Get rid of


Before making a trip to Surplus for something or getting rid of something needed within CAHNRS, check out the CAHNRS.SwapMeet channel in Teams.This will help cut costs by transferring/purchasing University property for free or by IRI, furniture, and equipment that would otherwise go to Surplus.   

  • SwapMeet Instructions
WSU Surplus

Please use myFacilities for surplus requests.


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