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Vogel PBS Classrooms


Classes are held at  four classrooms on the ground floor of Vogel each semester. Classroom schedules are posted by the door of each classroom and on this page.

Classroom Scheduling:

Classrooms are scheduled according to the “VPBS Scheduling Protocol” consisting of (1) a priority hierarchy based on biological or textile science content related to agricultural, natural, or textile systems and (2) precedence rules. For more information on lab scheduling prioritization go to the Lab Prioritization page.

Lab Schedules

Note: Events 3 months prior & 1 year ahead of the current date will appear in the calendar.

How to Schedule a Lab

  1. Open your Calendar in your Outlook client
  2. Start a New Appointment
  3. Name the event according to the following Naming Format:
    • Department – Course Number – Section
  4. Invite the room to the event.  The rooms are:
    • Vogel.31
    • Vogel.35
    • Vogel.39
    • Vogel.43
  5. Send the Invitation
  6. If there are no scheduling conflicts, the room will be scheduled for the time you specify.


If you would like to schedule a room for an entire semester, be sure to schedule the room as a reoccurring event.