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Hulbert Computer Lab Schedules

Hulbert Computer Labs

The Hulbert computer labs are available for individual student use for all CAHNRS students, other students enrolled in CAHNRS courses, and those taking any other courses that hold scheduled classes in the labs.

Hulbert 5 has 26 individual thin-clients that students can use to log into their Windows AWS Workspaces. Labs need to be scheduled through the Registrar’s Office in order for AWS Workspaces to be made available.

Hulbert 21 has 12 standard Windows 10 computers. Each computer is equipped with a variety of different software including statistical programs such as STATA and SAS, as well as other software for specific courses. Both labs are located on the ground floor of Hulbert Hall.

Other resources in the lab include a projector and a Coug Prints printer/copier. The printer is connected to computers in both Hulbert labs, 5 and 21, and the cost of printing is $.10 per page. Printing requires the use of one’s Cougar card to pay for prints and copies

General lab hours are posted here and in each of the labs. Labs are sometimes open outside of general hours, but only for scheduled classes.

Lost and Found

If you think you may have left something behind in the lab, send an email to and we will check to see if it has been turned in.

Hulbert 21 Software

ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1
Microsoft Office
Python 3.5.2
R for Windows 3.4.3
SAS Enterprise Guide
SPAW Hydrology
Stata 16

Hulbert Lab Academic Year Hours

Hulbert 5
Mon. – Thurs.    8am – 8pm
Fri.                       8am – 5pm
Sat. & Sun.         Closed

Hulbert 21
Mon. – Thurs.    8am – 8pm
Fri.                       8am – 5pm
Sat. & Sun.         Closed

Scheduling Protocol and Procedures

The Hulbert Computer Instructional Laboratories are departmental run labs.  Scheduling priority will be afforded first to courses taught within the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS). The labs are available to be scheduled by courses not affiliated with CAHNRS on a first come first serve basis, so long as the requested time period does not conflict with an existing or future CAHNRS course.

Procedures to schedule the labs are found on right side column of this page.

For more information on computer lab scheduling prioritization, go to the Lab Schedule Prioritization page.

Lab Schedules

photo of computers in Hulbert 5 lab

Note: Events 3 months prior & 1 year ahead of the current date will appear in the calendar.

How to Schedule a Lab

  1. Open your Calendar in your Outlook client
  2. Start a New Appointment
  3. Name the event according to the following Naming Format:

    • Department – Course Number – Section
  4. Invite the room as an Attendee to the event.  The rooms are:

    • Hulbert.5
    • Hulbert.21
  5. Send the Invitation
  6. If there are no scheduling conflicts, the room will be scheduled for the time you specify.


If you would like to schedule a room for an entire semester, be sure to schedule the room as a reoccurring event.

How to Schedule the Video Cart

If your lab requires the use of the Polycom Video Conference Cart, please be sure to invite the resource as an Attendee (similar to the directions above).  The resource is:

    • Hulbert.VC