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Your CAHNRS Safety Program

Working safely so that all of CAHNRS goes home at the end of the day as whole and as healthy as when they arrived is our goal.

We seek to weave safety into our daily activities deliberately by using the WSU Safety Policy and Procedure Manual as a guide. Because we are a diverse college with employees working in labs, classrooms, farms, fields and offices, a one-size-fits-all safety approach will not work. It takes a bit of effort and planning to ensure we work safely. Here is how your team can strive to be safe EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY.


  1. SELF-INSPECTION – Safety inspections are to be conducted at least annually to identify potentially hazardous working conditions and help with planning employee safety training. High-hazard areas, i.e., workshops and laboratories, should be inspected more frequently. Use the Safety Inspection Checklist to help.

  2. SUPERVISOR AS SAFETY MANAGER – All supervisors should take this instructor-led training offered by WSU Environmental Health and Safety. It includes information on the supervisor’s responsibilities, role in performing inspections, and reporting and investigating accidents. Register online at

  3. EMPLOYEE SAFETY TRAINING – Safety Training is not a “one and done” activity. Each time an employee begins a new duty or works with a new piece of equipment, a supervisor trains them on safe and proper use.  Start new employees off right by reviewing the Safety Orientation Checklist with them on their first day.  Next, have them take the six WSU required online safety trainings soon after their first day of employment.  Seek to provide any additional safety training that may be needed. From all forms of Lab Safety to Distracted Driving, the WSU HRS Training portal offers many instructor led and online safety training topics. For those at our Farms and Research and Extension Centers, visit the CAHNRS Agriculture Training section of this web page or find training on the U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers YouTube Channel or the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries website.  Ensure every employee is aware of and refers to the CAHNRS Accident Prevention Plan (APP). The APP is the official CAHNRS policy on how safety is integrated into our work.

  4. GET HELP! – Whatever your safety training planning or needs, you don’t have to do it alone! Contact for assistance – we are happy to help.

Take Safety Training


Recordkeeping for these trainings occurs via SkillSoft. Contact with questions. *Asbestos Hazard Awareness training records are kept by Visit WSU Online Safety Training, log into your training account, and search for the title.


Recordkeeping for these trainings occurs via email to the employee’s supervisor once completed. Contact with questions.


Recordkeeping for these trainings is tracked by the supervisor. Download the Safety Training Record Template for help in tracking your employee’s agricultural safety training. Contact with questions.